About the author and illustrator

Author: Kelly Paniagua

Kelly loves to travel, but calls Los Angeles her home. Her favorite activity is spending time with her family, Julian and Madison, and their 4 rambunctious dogs, 9 snail eating Koi fish, 20 fanciful chickens, 2 valiant roosters, 12 boisterous birds, and their most recent addition to the family, a Mr. Bossypants at dinnertime horse. She is an eternal optimist that loves to have fun and be outdoors.

Illustrator: Jessica Warrick

Jessica loves drawing funny things. Her favorite things to illustrate include unusual or yet-to-be discovered foods, hyperactive children, aliens, and of course, moon gnomes. She currently lives in Florida where she enjoys sunshine, growing exotic plants, and beach frisbee. See more of her work at www.jessicawarrick.com